Basics of Pressure Cooker: Cleaning and Caring

You might have heard a lot about the benefits of pressure cooking but on the other hand, it is essential to know that how you will clean your stainless steel and non-stick pressure cooker. It is necessary because caring about your pressure cooker is important so that you can use this pressure cooker for longer days. Here are some of the suggestions:-

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1. Be Fast about it – If you are a person who does not clean the pot overnight then you should not opt for cooking in pressure cooker. It is very important that as soon as you cook in it try to clean the cooker.

2. Clean the Gasket Properly – This is one of the vital accessories of the pressure cooker. Thus, after the cooking is done it is important that you must open the gasket and clean it with the soapy water. If not done so, then you might often need to visit stainless steel pressure cooker manufacturers to buy a new one.

3. Avoid using any kind of Scratchy Sponge – After you have opened the gasket from the cooker and washed it make sure that you use a cloth or kind of a sponge to completely wash the gasket. If you wash the gasket with the scratchy side then some cuts will get in the gasket and will weaken it.

4. Clean the valve Extensively after cooking Rice or Pasta – After cooking substance like rice or pasta you will notice that starchy elements remain to get stacked on the bottom of the cooker. Thus, it is very important that you check that and clean it minutely and see that no residue must left in the valve.

5. Never use a Toothpick to Clean the Valve – Never use the valve of the pressure cooker using a toothpick as if its stuck through the valve then you might face a lot of complication. Use a wire or a paper clip to take out the dirt from the valve.

6.  Clean the Condensation Cup – If you see that the electric pressure cooker contains a condensation cup then it is must that you must clean it. The cup is actually located under the electric pressure cooker along with the side of the rim. It easily can be taken off and can also be easily washed off.


Cooking In Pressure Cooker Makes You Stay Healthier


Pressure Cooker is considered to be one of the useful kitchen appliances where cooking is considered to be good for health. It cooks food faster but keeps the maximum amount of nutrients remain in the food items.

Cooking in Pressure Cooker is not only a better way of cooking healthy food but also it is a better way of cooking than any other traditional methods. Pressure Cooker India is the most popular kitchen appliance which you can definitely find in every household. As in pressure cooker, the food is cooked at a very high temperature, but you do not need to worry because it is the only kitchen equipment were even cooking at high temperature the food value do not die.

The vegetarians will also get benefited because various vegetables which mostly needs more than forty minutes in other kitchen equipment will take less if cooked in pressure cooker. The vegetables will still remain fresh. But non – vegetarians also do not need to worry much because the chicken also can be prepared in this appliance very well. The good thing is that as it takes less time to cook here, so the chicken will remain to be tender and low in carbohydrate.

As pressure cookers come in different size so it is better that cooking vegetables like potatoes, carrots, rice is good to prepare in a small pressure cooker. The large pressure cookers, on the other hand, are good to prepare ribs, lamb or chicken as it takes very less time to cook food and so naturally the meat will remain tender and soft not effecting any of its nutrients.

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