Try Out The Recipe Of Idly In A Pressure Cooker Now.


Idly is one of the most popular dishes of the South-Indian cuisine. The recipe is quite simple and requires negligible amount of oil. This steamed dish is healthier than what is normally consumed every now and then. Idly can be taken for breakfast, can be also packed in the lunch box, and can be served to the guests. No need to bring an idly makes now. Pressure Cooker Accessories like an idly stand has made it possible to make soft and delicious idly in a pressure cooker also. The full recipe along with the ingredients is here to be checked out.

Ingredients: –

  • Rava or Sooji
  • Curd or Dahi
  • Grated Ginger
  • Salt
  • ENO

Method: –

  • A batter has to be prepared first for the soft idly. Take a bowl and add the rava or sooji, curd, salt, and grated ginger. Mix the ingredients together well. Keep mixing it by adding water slowly until there are no lumps and the batter is smooth and of the required consistency.
  • Make sure that the batter is neither too dilute nor too concentrated. This can ruin the taste and fluffiness of the idly pieces.
  • Now, let’s move on to the second step. This step is all about preparing the tadka of the batter. In a small kadhai or tadka pan, put desi ghee, cashew pieces, curry leaves, green chillies, rai seeds, cumin seeds, and a pinch of hing. Make the tadka on low flame.
  • Add this prepared tadka to the batter slowly and keep on mixing until it is evenly mixed.
  • Leave the mixture covered for approximately ten to fifteen minutes. Add ENO to it after these couple of minutes.
  • Now take a pressure cooker and keep it on the gas burner. The idly pieces have to be steamed in the cooker. Add some water in the pressure cooker. Boil the water for a couple of minutes with or without covering the pot. Now the idly stand is needed where the batter has to be poured. This accessory is available easily in the online store as well as in the market. Pour the mixture into the moulds of the stand after greasing the moulds with a little oil. This will prevent the idly pieces from sticking to the mould bases.
  • Place the idly stand inside the pot and cover the cooker. Steam the idly pieces for 8-10 minutes.
  • Check your idly pieces by pricking a knife in and out of an idly. If the batter does not get stuck to the knife then it is done.
  • Serve and enjoy the delicious South-Indian recipe with sambar and coconut chutney.

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Tips to Troubleshoot Common Pressure Cooker Issues


Non-Stick Pressure Cookers are very much used in kitchen mainly when you are fond of experimenting with the classic recipes. The most important thing is that the technique of cooking in pressure cooker drastically reduces the time. Such kinds of advantages have made pressure cooker as one of the inevitable parts of every kitchen.  But, there is also a problem with its usability as well. Sometimes it can also stop function it due to an imbalance of handling it.

So, in the case of sudden problem arises while cooking in your cooker here are some tips which you can follow to fix it:-

  • Steam leaks around the corner of the lid and prevents the pressure from growing up which hamper the process of cooking. Out of many Pressure Cooker Accessories gasket is one of the most important thing that can be easily fixed and make sure that no food residues get accumulated in that place.
  • Sometimes it happens that the food is not prepared in actual estimated time. It can happen due to several reasons. If you fill with too much ingredients in the cooker then surely you will face the problem. But on the other hand frozen foods needs a lot of time. Also, if you not tightly cover the lid of the pressure cooker then it can also not able to build the pressure.
  • Another common problem which happens in the pressure cooker is the water which gets ooze out of the entire pressure valve pours drowning vapours around the lid of the rim. It actually very much dangerous for the new users, but you don’t need to worry much neither. Pressure cookers which are regulated through proper weights, drips out huge amount of water when pressure actually gets build up and goes away when actually level is needed. Sometimes some food amount of residues gets halt up in the vent pipe and can create a similar kind of issue. Thus, due to this reason it is important to clean the valve at regular intervals.
  • A bad gasket or an old valve can also prevent the entire pressure to build up and maintain the level. You should check it properly and should take proper care of it. In case if it is damaged then you must replace soon.

What Not To Do When Using Induction-Base Pressure Cooker

We all live in an era where man is a hound in searchof advanced technology. The odd working hours of the overworked individuals is the mother of various appliances which can offer them comfort and speed for fulfilling various chores. Cooking is not only a necessity but also the love for many people. The culinary art is the provider of delicacies which somehow make us forget the complications for a while.  Talking of cooking, the vessels, which we find hard to live without, are the Pressure Cookers. The availability of many pressure cooker accessories in India made things easier for the users.

Sunkwik Pressure Cooker
Sunkwik Pressure Cooker

With the advent of induction stoves, this ease in cooking reached new heights. The induction base pressure cookers were brought to life. The mechanism is simple, yet there are a few things that should not be practised while handling the new technology pressure cookers. These are –

  • Do not arrange for the spices or cut the aromatics like garlic, onions or corianders while the stove is on. Before putting oil on heat, organise the ingredients and turn the stove on just before pouring oil in a cooker. Preheating a cooker, which is induction based, is not an option.

  • Do not put the cookware on high heat as that would not be helpful in cooking fast. The process leave many ingredients charred. The pressure is reached in an induction base pressure cooker in a relatively low amount of time. A sufficient time is required for the food to be cooked properly and this is only possible if the cooker id kept on medium flame.

  • Do not keep yourself away from the heat when you have adjusted the flame once. In case of full cooker or a wide cooker, this is extremely important. This is because the equal distribution of substantial heat is required for them. Once the flame is lowered, the pressure is lowered and if the heat is not adjusted at right frequency, the food will be left undone.

  • Do not avoid the use of timer function of the stove while cooking in induction base Pressure Cookers. The timers are best features of the induction burners, which help to turn off the flame automatically and thus, save the need of constant vigilance.