Are Non-Stick Pressure Cooker Safe to Use?


There are many people who always questions about the safety of cooking in Non-Stick Pressure Cooker. Most of the people who are familiar with using this type of cookware know that the best part of this cooker that none of the food will get stuck to it as well as it is easy to clean. If you don’t like to consume much oil to your food then this particular type of cookware is perfect to make any kind of food under the sun as it does not stick at the bottom and requires less oil.

The reason behind this is very simple because this particular type of pressure cooker is made of a unique kind of coating. Generally, this is kind of a coating that is spread on the aluminium, stainless steels surface and to get that surface it is heated than at a high temperature. Most of the people who are unaware about it get frightened using this non-stick cookware because they think that while cooking might be any chemicals will get combined with the foods and make the food unfit to consume. But, it is not true and cooking in this type of cookware is quite safe nowadays.

Here are some tips which you must follow while cooking in this type of pressure cooker:-

  • Use pressure cooker on low or medium heat- If you overheat the cooker then it may totally break down and from that toxic substance can be released.
  • Preheat in medium or low temperature- There are many items for which you might need to pre-heat the pressure cooker for that reason so not pre-heat it in high temperature.
  • Don’t keep it over power burners- Make sure that you should not keep the pressure cooker over extreme power burners.
  • Use superior quality pressure cooker- If you buy a cheap quality pressure cooker then may it heats up the cooker very fast so opt for a superior quality one with a heavy bottom.
  • Don’t put in the dishwasher – While you will Buy Pressure Cooker Online you will get the same tip as it is better that you must not put it in the dishwasher and it helps you to last long.
  • Avoid scratching- Also remember that you must not scratch with any spoon at the bottom of the pan or while cleaning the cooker.

Cooking Beans Using a Pressure Cooker Has Never Been Easier

The extensive use of pressure cookers have justified the fact that they are one of the most versatile piece of cookware that you can have at your kitchen. You can practically cook anything from a steaming bowl of stews all the way to mouth-watering curries for lunch and dinner. 5_ltr_easieplusWith the large scale variation in the quality and materials being used, getting hold of a pressure cooker with induction base can prove to be handy. The induction base not just adds to the quality of the cooker but also helps you get your food cooked faster.

To begin with a simple example, we can always speak about how to get a sufficient amount of beans pressure cooked in a cooker within a matter of minutes. For a considerable amount of beans a 7 to 8 quart cooker might be the best option. One of the prime tricks pertaining to the rapid cooking of food within a pressure cooker is filling up the pressure cooker to just the right amount and not over-doing it. Select a pressure cooker as per the quantity of beans that you want to get cooked within it.

The cooking time required

It would be wrong to mention an accurate time span for beans to get cooked because the time taken by a cooker to cook a certain quantity of beans depends on the type of pressure cooker that you are cooking and the quality of the beans that are being cooked. For a general assumption, 45 minutes must be a sufficient amount of time to complete the entire process of pressure cooking and cooling down of the peas to natural temperature.

Pre-soaking beans will help you cook beans at a faster rate than usual. You can addon a bit of aromatics if you want to the water. Sun-Kwik is a brand that has created a recognisable name for itself in the market. The advent of online portals have brought about the opportunity for common masses to buy pressure cooker online at any point of time. It’s time to get that little bit of change done and give your kitchen the required makeover.