Tips to Troubleshoot Common Pressure Cooker Issues


Non-Stick Pressure Cookers are very much used in kitchen mainly when you are fond of experimenting with the classic recipes. The most important thing is that the technique of cooking in pressure cooker drastically reduces the time. Such kinds of advantages have made pressure cooker as one of the inevitable parts of every kitchen.  But, there is also a problem with its usability as well. Sometimes it can also stop function it due to an imbalance of handling it.

So, in the case of sudden problem arises while cooking in your cooker here are some tips which you can follow to fix it:-

  • Steam leaks around the corner of the lid and prevents the pressure from growing up which hamper the process of cooking. Out of many Pressure Cooker Accessories gasket is one of the most important thing that can be easily fixed and make sure that no food residues get accumulated in that place.
  • Sometimes it happens that the food is not prepared in actual estimated time. It can happen due to several reasons. If you fill with too much ingredients in the cooker then surely you will face the problem. But on the other hand frozen foods needs a lot of time. Also, if you not tightly cover the lid of the pressure cooker then it can also not able to build the pressure.
  • Another common problem which happens in the pressure cooker is the water which gets ooze out of the entire pressure valve pours drowning vapours around the lid of the rim. It actually very much dangerous for the new users, but you don’t need to worry much neither. Pressure cookers which are regulated through proper weights, drips out huge amount of water when pressure actually gets build up and goes away when actually level is needed. Sometimes some food amount of residues gets halt up in the vent pipe and can create a similar kind of issue. Thus, due to this reason it is important to clean the valve at regular intervals.
  • A bad gasket or an old valve can also prevent the entire pressure to build up and maintain the level. You should check it properly and should take proper care of it. In case if it is damaged then you must replace soon.

Are Non-Stick Pressure Cooker Safe to Use?


There are many people who always questions about the safety of cooking in Non-Stick Pressure Cooker. Most of the people who are familiar with using this type of cookware know that the best part of this cooker that none of the food will get stuck to it as well as it is easy to clean. If you don’t like to consume much oil to your food then this particular type of cookware is perfect to make any kind of food under the sun as it does not stick at the bottom and requires less oil.

The reason behind this is very simple because this particular type of pressure cooker is made of a unique kind of coating. Generally, this is kind of a coating that is spread on the aluminium, stainless steels surface and to get that surface it is heated than at a high temperature. Most of the people who are unaware about it get frightened using this non-stick cookware because they think that while cooking might be any chemicals will get combined with the foods and make the food unfit to consume. But, it is not true and cooking in this type of cookware is quite safe nowadays.

Here are some tips which you must follow while cooking in this type of pressure cooker:-

  • Use pressure cooker on low or medium heat- If you overheat the cooker then it may totally break down and from that toxic substance can be released.
  • Preheat in medium or low temperature- There are many items for which you might need to pre-heat the pressure cooker for that reason so not pre-heat it in high temperature.
  • Don’t keep it over power burners- Make sure that you should not keep the pressure cooker over extreme power burners.
  • Use superior quality pressure cooker- If you buy a cheap quality pressure cooker then may it heats up the cooker very fast so opt for a superior quality one with a heavy bottom.
  • Don’t put in the dishwasher – While you will Buy Pressure Cooker Online you will get the same tip as it is better that you must not put it in the dishwasher and it helps you to last long.
  • Avoid scratching- Also remember that you must not scratch with any spoon at the bottom of the pan or while cleaning the cooker.

The Dos and Don’ts of handling a Pressure Cooker

In a day and age when we are running out of time to cook, the pressure cooker is an incredible gift. Not only does it save time, but also cooking gas. There are newer forms of pressure cooker like the non-stick pressure cooker which are also viable for induction oven usage. The coating on the surface makes the cleaning process easier. However it is prone to chipping away at the end of prolonged usage and its use must be discontinued once the process of wearing down begins.
But no matter what form of pressure cooker you are using there are certain norms you need to follow for optimum results.

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Here’s a list of dos and don’ts that will help you get in tune with you pressure cooker.

1. Get the right size of pressure cooker:
If you’re living alone or with your partner then go for something under 5 liters. A pressure cooker of 5-7 liters will suffice for a family of 4.Too large a cooker will eat up storage space while a size too small won’t be enough for cooking.

2. Always use enough liquid:
The basic mechanism of the pressure cooker is to work by gathering steam. So in no situation should you use it with less than 1 cup of liquid. You needn’t worry that there will be an excess of liquid at the end of the cook. You can always boil it down later to a desired consistency.

3. Adjust the heat:
While you begin on a high flame, you must keep an eye out for the pressure building. Once there is enough steam inside the pressure cooker, lower the flame to continue. You can always crank up the heat if the pressure is seen to be declining.

1. Get the best:
When it comes to pressure cooker manufacturers in India don’t shy away from opting for the best one. Safety must be of top priority. Only the best brands can provide you with that along with true value for money

2. Avoid environmental and health related damage:
As has been mentioned earlier, the Teflon coating is useful for multiple reasons. But avoid ones that cause environmental damage and can proved to be a health hazard.

Cook at Ease with the Best Non-Stick Sauce Pan and Cooker

Non stick cookware was not something that was very popular in the earlier times. In fact the only way in which people could clear up a mess in the kitchen was to discard the entire quantity and start afresh. But with time manufacturers have found out new ways in utensils like a non stick sauce pan which cooking would no longer be a mess.
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How to find the Ideal Pressure Cooker

Setting up a new home? Thinking about buying new kitchen utensils? Have no idea of a right pressure cooker? Not a problem. To buy an ideal pressure cooker, you need to have a thorough knowledge of pressure cooker mechanism. If you have that idea of what your ideal pressure cooker should be like you are absolutely at the right place.

When you are thinking to buy the best pressure cooker in India let’s get a bit educated before that.

Make your cooking easier and faster
Make your cooking easier and faster

The Material:

Aluminum and steel these both materials are available in the market. You can choose from both. An aluminum pressure cooker is easily available and affordable as well. However, they are made of soft metal that makes the cooker warped or easily blemished. This is the reason that they don’t last long.

On the other hand, stainless steel pressure cookers are stronger than their aluminum counterpart. They are strong, durable, heavy and a little more expensive than the aluminum ones. But the extra cost is worth it when it lasts for a while.

There are a few features that you need to look for.

There are three basic capacities,

• Four quarts
• Six quarts
• Eight quarts

The size is the indication of how much liquid you need. Six quarts is the most popular choice for all families.


When filled with liquid, a pressure cooker becomes heavy and hot. Look for sturdy, ergonomic handles. Make sure that your hands don’t get burned during the process of lifting the cooker.

Releasing and Interlock Mechanism

It is possible to release the pressure manually. But it is always nice and safe to have a cooker that has automatic pressure releasing mechanism. Go for the best cookers that offer this advantage.

Interlock is a must to keep you and your kitchen safe from unwanted accidents. There are some cookers that have a system to check if the pressure has been released or not.

Finding the right cooker for you isn’t that difficult. Use this knowledge while buying a cooker and you are good to go.

What Benefits Does Modern Pressure Cookers Offer to You

When you are running around in the house and preparing your kids simultaneously for school you need to cook fast. In today’s fast life you need to run faster than time. When you are running for your life, er, job you can’t compromise with the food and nutrition. To make sure that you don’t have to do that pressure cooker is the only option that you are left with.

Are you worried about the safety of using it? There must be some long lost memory of a pressure cooker burst that is etched in your mind and preventing you from using the pressure cooker again. But in today’s market pressure cooker manufacturers are coming up with the safest options for you.

Apart from faster cooking there are some other benefits that a pressure cooker offers to you. Take a look.

Pressure Cooker‬ to Cook

• Foods that are cooked in pressure cooker retain the taste and nutrition. When you are cooking in an open pot most of the nutrients and taste of spice gets evaporated. As a result the food loses the taste and the food value. But when the food is cooked in a lidded pressure cooker the food retains the taste. All the spices and ingredients remain in the pot and it helps the food retain the food value as well.

Cooking in pressure cooker is encouraged by everyone as it saves energy. When you are cooking in an open stove top pot most of the heat gets evaporated. On the other hand when you are cooking in a closed pot the heat remains inside and it automatically makes the cooking process faster.

• Pressure cooking ensures that you can work in cooler and cleaner kitchen. Since the heat remains enclosed in the pot and the lid reduces the chance of spilling the juice, you get a much cooler and cleaner atmosphere and kitchen counter top to work on.

Buy the pressure cooker from a reputed brand and enjoy the benefits that make your life faster and smarter.

What Effects Pressure Cooker has on Nutrition

Pressure cooker is quite popular as it is known to retain the nutrients in food. Take a look at the blog to know more.

If you are rushing to work or running to the school with your kids, it is obvious that you don’t have time for cooking. The fast pace of life right now gives us a very little time to sit back, leave alone cooking. It is impossible to compromise with health by eating junk food every day. The only thing that can help you to cook fast as well as retain the taste and the nutrients is a pressure cooker.

Now pressure cooker is an essential article in our regular kitchen. It is becoming more and more modern with every passing day. The increasing popularity of pressure cooker and pressure cooker accessories make this fact evident.
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Pressure Cooking Retains Anti Oxidant and Vitamin

Pressure cookers retain the essential vitamins and anti oxidants in the food. The juice remains in the cooker after cooking. It is full of nutrients. Anti oxidants also remains that helps us to fight the signs of aging. When you are cooking in closed pots it takes notoriously long time to cook. But in the case of pressure cooker, the whole process of cooking happens within few minutes.

The Food Contains little Acrylamide :-

The boiled food cooked in high temperature often creates acrylamide that is harmful for health. Pressure cooking reduces the formation of acrylamide. As a result the food cooked in pressure cooker becomes healthier that the cooked food in other method.

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Short Times help to Retain Nutrients :-

The short time of cooking helps to retain nutrients. When you are cooking in a stove top vessel, the nutrients evaporate with steam. But in pressure cooker it takes a very little time that does not let the nutrients to evaporate. Choose the right pressure cooker for your home, cook healthy and stay healthy.