Try Out This Delicious Instant Pot Bread Pudding Recipe.


This bread pudding recipe is one of the healthiest breakfast dishes. If there is no microwave in your kitchen nothing to worry anymore. Try this out in a Pressure Cooker now. It will take around 25-30 minutes to do the preparations and approximately 15 minutes to pressure cook it.

Let’s Check Out The Ingredients: –

  • Two cups of milk preferably the raw milk or high-fat coconut milk
  • One loaf bread
  • Four eggs
  • Two egg yolks separately
  • One-fourth teaspoon of sea salt
  • One tablespoon of real vanilla extract
  • Half cup of melted butter or any other preferred traditional fat
  • Half cup of raw honey or pure maple syrup or any other unrefined sweetener

The Steps To Make The Heavenly Tasty Bread Pudding Are Here.

  1. First of all, cut the bread slices into one inch cubes. Choose the bowl that will easily fit into your pressure cooker. Try to use a metal bowl with sloping sides, which is around four inches in height and around seven to twelve inches in width. Place a piece of the parchment paper into the metal bowl and grease it with oil.
  2. Place these items into the blender: eggs, milk, yolks, vanilla extract, maple syrup or honey, and the sea salt. Blend these together for around fifteen seconds and then add the melted butter to the mixture.
  3. Add two cups of water to the pressure cooker and then place the trivet into the instant pot. Place the bowl with the bread cubes at the bottom and lined all along the inner walls of the bowl and then pour the blended custard into the same bowl. Press the bread gently so as to dampen all the cubes.
  4. Close the pressure cooker with the lid, seal it, and close the vent. Steam the pudding for around fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes take off the cooker from the gas and let the cooker release the pressure on its own for around another fifteen to twenty minutes.
  5. Open the lid of the pot and take out the bowl from it. Allow the bowl to sit and cool down and then take out the pudding from the bowl. Transfer it to a plate by flipping it over. The bottom part of the pudding will appear on the top now. Slice and serve with caramelized fruits of your choice and whipped cream.

There are so many brands of pressure cooker that are easily available in the market now but Sunkwik Pressure Cooker will be the best choice for trying out these heavenly and yummy delicacies every day.


Pressure cooker: a foreseeable utensil for our kitchen


When it comes to domestic utensils, the pressure cooker is something which has developed a long bond with us from a long point of time. Starting from rice to vegetables and sometimes chicken also probably, a cooker is an inevitable utensil for a quick breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These days Pressure Cooker Manufacturers in India are much prone to make domestic cookers which are easy to use for multi-purpose means. Whether it is about making a quick breakfast before going to the office or about making a quick lunch for your children whenever it is necessary, an energy saver rice hob or vegetable cooker is your best choice. With it, you not only save your domestic gas but you can also make a good savings of your energy.

Why it works perfectly than any other utensil:

The metal used to manufacture the body of this inevitable domestic utensil is quite resistant towards heat. It is one of the easiest tasks to prepare any food in cooker. All you need to do is put the washed ‘chawl’ or vegetable in it and wait for the 6 to 7 blow of the whistle. Once the whistle pouts, you will see that the appliance is indicating that ‘your food is ready to be served hot’. If you are a foodie then a cooker is something that should definitely fit your choice when it comes to making lip smacking Mughal dishes like ‘Shahi Dum Biryani’. Because a cool domestic appliance like this can give you the enigmatic aroma of boiled ‘basmati rice’ that is matchless with any other cooking appliance. The scientific reason for which a cooker can boil any food better than any other aluminium utensil because, of its magnificent air tight technology with which it can easily enable the heat to reach each and every granule of rice that has been put inside a cooker, it lets every rice in it to boil without leaving them uncooked.

There are a lot of websites available from where it is easy to buy Pressure Cooker Online depending on the price that fits your budget. After all, pressure cooker has given birth to a new type of tang for all of us when it comes to taste some boiled smoky mouth watery dishes!

The Dos and Don’ts of handling a Pressure Cooker

In a day and age when we are running out of time to cook, the pressure cooker is an incredible gift. Not only does it save time, but also cooking gas. There are newer forms of pressure cooker like the non-stick pressure cooker which are also viable for induction oven usage. The coating on the surface makes the cleaning process easier. However it is prone to chipping away at the end of prolonged usage and its use must be discontinued once the process of wearing down begins.
But no matter what form of pressure cooker you are using there are certain norms you need to follow for optimum results.

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Here’s a list of dos and don’ts that will help you get in tune with you pressure cooker.

1. Get the right size of pressure cooker:
If you’re living alone or with your partner then go for something under 5 liters. A pressure cooker of 5-7 liters will suffice for a family of 4.Too large a cooker will eat up storage space while a size too small won’t be enough for cooking.

2. Always use enough liquid:
The basic mechanism of the pressure cooker is to work by gathering steam. So in no situation should you use it with less than 1 cup of liquid. You needn’t worry that there will be an excess of liquid at the end of the cook. You can always boil it down later to a desired consistency.

3. Adjust the heat:
While you begin on a high flame, you must keep an eye out for the pressure building. Once there is enough steam inside the pressure cooker, lower the flame to continue. You can always crank up the heat if the pressure is seen to be declining.

1. Get the best:
When it comes to pressure cooker manufacturers in India don’t shy away from opting for the best one. Safety must be of top priority. Only the best brands can provide you with that along with true value for money

2. Avoid environmental and health related damage:
As has been mentioned earlier, the Teflon coating is useful for multiple reasons. But avoid ones that cause environmental damage and can proved to be a health hazard.

Do’s and Don’ts of Using an Induction Based Pressure Cooker


Food is one of the essential requirement to live in and obviously people don’t have time to provide for cooking food due to their busy schedule. No doubt, pressure cooker, in that case, has proved to be a saviour in comparison to electric burners.

Cooking in pressure is something which is been experimented in many ways. And, why not? Cooking in pressure cooker is considered to be one of the healthiest ways as most of the nutrients stays in the food. But still, if you are thinking whether it is possible to experiment with a pressure cooker?

Absolutely yes as many manufacturers of a pressure cooker in India does so and also it has proved to be safe.

Induction based pressure cookers are something which is now new in the market. Even the buyers are also opting for such pressure cookers as they are safe to use. Just you need to keep in mind some significant factors while cooking in such kind of a pressure cooker.

What you should Keep in Mind

If you are a new user, then it must that you properly stick to the guidelines before you proceed to cook.

Before buying make sure that the cooker is working properly.

Always ensure that your induction built pressure cooker is clean and tidy

As the induction plate heats up very fast, make sure that before you start your cooking all your ingredients must be ready.

What you should not do?

Always use an induction burner with induction built pressure cooker otherwise, normal pressure cooker never can’t able to stand the high temperature.

Always be very active while cooking in induction built pressure cooker. Never preheat the cooker beforehand, otherwise, there is a huge possibility that the oil might get burn.

Sunkwik is one of the leading brands as a supplier of induction pressure cookers and is considered to be one of the most functional cookware that makes cooking really easy and fast. The base of these cookers is made in a way which can be easily used on any induction based cook top.

The Science of Pressure Cooking

The Evolution:

The Pressure Cooker has evolved since its earlier form made of cast metal, which was invented by the French Scientist Denis Papin in 1689. He publicized it as “A New Digester or Engine, for softening bones, the description of its makes and use in cookery, voyages at sea, confectionary, making of drinks, chemistry, and dying, etc.” Although he had thought it could be helpful for the poor to obtain squeeze out nutrition from bones, the dearness of the earlier models made it a failure.

The later versions, especially Alfred VischerFlex-Seal Speed Cooker in 1930s, gained prominence and slowly the cookware started making its hold in ordinary kitchens. In India it was first manufactured in 1959. Gradually,Pressure Cooker Manufacturers came up with the better versions of it anditscontemporarystyle is something that can be efficiently operated without any hassle.

The Mechanism:

Maximum people might be aware of the simple physics which make a Pressure Cooker work, but they might not relate it when it is applied in the kitchen. Now, before discussing the detailed mechanism of Pressure Cooking, we must know the built of the same.

Pressure Cooker Manufacture

A normal Pressure Cooker consists of the following parts –

  • The Vessel or Pot which is the main body
  • A Body handle and Cover handle
  • A helper handle at the front
  • The pressure Regulator or Whistle (known popularly)
  • Vent Pipe
  • Lid or Cover
  • Air Vent/Cover Lock
  • Sealing Ring or Rubber Gasket
  • Overpressure Plug

It is a known fact that water boils at 100 degree Celsius (or 212 degree Fahrenheit) after which water starts producing steam, its gaseous state. If we allow more heat to be exerted on an open vessel, the temperature shall remain same while the intensity, with which the steam is produced, will increase. Now it is here, that the pressure cooker, which is a sealed vessel, differs from the conventional cooking vessels.

It seals the steam inside, due to which the pressure inside the pot increases and the liquid is pushed to give rise to the boiling temperature. The temperature in a Pressure Cooker may rise up to 121 degree Celsius (or around 250 degree Fahrenheit) in a Pressure Cooker. The Pressure Regulator on the lid is indicates the required pressure level. The pressure can be maintained by adjusting or lowering the heat source, since excess pressure gets vented out.

Thus Pressure Cooker does nothing more than creating steam pressure with which raw food is cooked easily. The modern day Pressure Cookers are far more advanced and come loaded with many convenient and safety features, which makes cooking, a smooth experience.