Cook Faster With Pressure Cooker And Save Cooking Gas


What invention of the wheel did it to communication, Pressure Cooker did the same to cooking. Both respond faster and save time. The thing that you cook or prepare inside a pressure cooker by using water or some other liquid is called pressure cooking. This process has now become a backbone of every cooking method. Continue reading


How Does A Pressure Cooker Actually Works

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A pressure cooker is a fantastic cooking tool. This appliance develops the characteristic textures and flavors of the foods so speedily that the conventional, long, and labor-intensive cooking process becomes the fastest technique to get a meal ready on the dining table. For example, risotto takes almost 6-7 minutes to cook if prepared in a pressure cooker instead of taking 25-30 minutes in a normal pan. The extreme temperature and pressure inside the airtight pot also promotes caramelization, browning, and other reactions that can create flavors and tastes. Try out the caramelized carrot soup recipe and see yourself the magic of a pressure cooker.

A Pressure Cooker is actually a pot fitted with a lockable lid and a valve to control the extreme pressure inside it. The cooker works by capturing the vapor or steam that keeps on increasing inside the pot with the increase in temperature. The high pressure and the steam build inside have two effects mainly. They are explained in the following points: –

  1. Raises the boiling point of the liquid or the water in the sealed pot: – When something wet is being cooked inside the pot such as a stew, caramel, soup, etc then the heat of the cooking stays limited to a temperature of 212 degree Fahrenheit that is the boiling point. But with the current level of the pressure of the steam inside, the boiling point can get to a maximum temperature of 250 degree Fahrenheit. The excessive heat makes it possible to cook the food much faster than any other normal cooking appliance.
  2. Raises the pressure and forces the liquid into the food to soften it: – The excessive pressure helps to force the water, any other liquid or the moisture content into the food quickly. This makes it possible to cook any meal faster. Even tough meat becomes quite tender in just a couple of minutes. The excessively high heat inside the vessel promotes the caramelization in a very surprising manner. We are not so much used to caramelize food and that also using a liquid as the base. But when one tries out this in a pressure cooker, the flavors that are created in it is truly deep and just yummy unlike the steamed foods that are prepared in a normal pot or pan.

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Explore The Most Preeminent Cookware Range


Sunkwik Non Stick Cookware range includes different types of non-stick pots and pans that can be used for both cooking and serving purposes. Some of the products are the cook-n-serve pot, non-stick kadhai with an SS lid, taper fry pans, sauce pans, non-stick concave tawa, flat tawa and a tadka pan. Sunkwik Pressure Cooker range also offers a new assortment of pressure cookers coated with non-stick layers. The non-stick coating makes the products far better than the normal ones. There are many reasons why one should switch to the newest non-stick cookware range.

  • Helps to make yummy dishes with almost no oil content: – Almost all delicacies need oil as one of the chief ingredients. If one starts using the non-stick cookware and pressure cookers then one can surely enjoy the same recipe without consuming even one drop of oil. The cookware or the pressure cookers is augmented with non-stick coating on the base and the inner walls. This prevents the food ingredients from sticking to the walls of the pot or pan while cooking.
  • Easy to wash, clean and dry: – The normal cooking utensils are found to absorb good amount of oil while cooking and hence it becomes quite difficult to wash or clean them. On the other hand the non-stick coating on the latest cookware models is easy to clean since the ingredients do not stick to the base or the walls of the utensil.
  • Resistant to scratch: – The anodized body with non-stick layers make the utensil a scratch resistant one. But to keep the cookware in a good condition it is very important to use the right ladles or spoons for stirring the ingredients inside it. Using steel or the normal cooking spoons for your non-stick cookware and pressure cookers can damage the non-stick coating of the utensil. Wooden spoons or ladles or special spatulas for this type of cookware are available to use for these pots and pans in order to avoid any kind of scratches inside these.
  • Non-stick coating makes the entire range more stylish and chic: – The regular usage and the regular cleaning of the steel or aluminium cookware or pressure cookers makes the utensils quite dull and unappealing in a modern kitchen whereas the dark greyish coating on the non-stick products look quite classy in a modern kitchen.

Uniform heat distribution: – Uniform heat distribution is very important to cook properly with a faster pace. The non-stick cookware and pressure cookers evenly distribute the heat in order to cook the food faster as compared to the normal pots and pans. The non-stick pressure cookers are ideal for cooking on both normal gas burners and on induction ovens. Faster cooking saves gas and energy too.

Tips To Maintain Your Pressure Cooker Gasket


The most important Pressure Cooker Accessories India is the pot, the lid and also the pressure cooker gasket.  If you have a pressure cooker is it is definitely a good thing for you because it helps you to cook very easily and effortlessly. But, with the growing use of your pressure cooker the accessories of your pressure cooker will actually lead to damage. And, the most important accessory which you need to replace is the gasket.  The gasket is actually made of rubber and as the gasket pours in continuous heat and moisture so it needs to be replaced soon. The gasket is really important because it protects the pressure cooker from any leakage from its sides.

  • You must clean the cooker after every use – Definitely pressure cooker needs to be thoroughly cleaned after single use. Most of the Multi Utility Pressure Cooker actually required such things. You must carefully see that whether the pressure cooker parts like knobs and handles whether got damaged or not and moreover, you need to see any, whether there are any cracks or loosening, is there or not.  Place a close attention towards your gasket because it is easier for it to get damages because of its frequent use.
  • Immediately replace damaged gaskets – If you notice any kinds of crack or tears in your gasket then you should immediately replace it. So, you don’t face any problem during these sudden situations make sure that you always keep a spare gasket with you.
  • Always store lid upside down – The third thing which you need to do is to store the pressure cooker with a lid that could be kept upside down. You must place the gasket at the top of the lid and there must be sufficient weight placed on both the sides.
  • Store with baking soda –  Another storage tips which you can’t just forget for the pressure cooker that you must keep the gasket in a tightly sealed bag and also it is good to add some baking soda to it. Make sure that you don’t forget to keep the sealed bag inside the pressure cooker as well. Make sure you regularly wash the gasket with soap and place it in the correct position on the pressure cooker.

Mistakes Beginners Make While Using Pressure Cookers

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Most of the beginners who use pressure cookers must face many problems while using it but it is advisable that they should know and amend their mistakes before their best pressure cooker get destroyed. Obviously, if you don’t want such then definitely you have to end up wasting your entire dish and cannot serve it to your family or friends.

Manufacturers of a Pressure cooker in India always provides a manual with the cookware it is essential that you must follow the rules if you are a beginner. So, it is definitely required that you must have to enhance using pressure cooker techniques and should not repeat some basic mistakes.

You are new using the Technique

Always remember that while you are cooking in a pressure cooker you cannot check the dish at regular intervals. Generally, this is a mistake which the amateur does and your cooking remains stay incomplete. If you plan to cook anything in the pressure cooker it is must that it should be cooked exactly for the specified time.

You are not filling the Cooker with Correct Elements

Whatever dish you are preparing always remember that you must fill the cooker only 2/3rd. Sometimes it is advisable that you should not put raw materials in the cooker because as sometimes they aren't able to take that huge inner level pressure. Most of the cookers come with proper markings thus, it is essential that you pour the elements in the cooker maintaining the levels.

You are not Properly Locking the Cooker

It is one of the most important things which you must keep in mind is about locking the pressure cooker. If you fail to do that definitely not only it will cause severe damage to your cooker but also this is one of the most common mistakes that beginners do. The models which have high functionality if this mistake is done repeatedly then the elastic protection which is available and the pressure seals will soon start getting destroyed.

You are Overcooking your Meal

We all know that this cookware is considered to be beneficial because this particular utensil is very suitable for preparing meals as said that this helps to keep the nutrients within the food because of its mechanism. So, it is advised that you should not overcook the meal and set the temperature correctly.