Make Your Weekend Preparation A Breeze With Cooking In A Pressure Cooker


Starving in your spare time is a very common thing and this does not mean that you have to leave starving. You surely have a list of responsibilities which you need to do it every possible day. You have a long day of work and after coming back you need to speak with your friends and family as well.  But you also wish to sit down in your dining room and have a super meal but at the same time, you don’t have enough time to sleep well. But if you prepare your meal then huge burden also gets released down from your head. Taking some time out from the weekends and preparing a good meal surely is the best thing which you can do. This also has so many benefits like saving money for your grocery shopping; eating healthier if you already have pre planned what you going to eat. Also, it will not end up spending all your time in the kitchen instead to being with your family and loved ones during the weekend.

One of the most effective cookware which you can buy to pair up this process is a Pressure Cooker Induction Base.  This particular pressure cooker actually helps to simplify the cooking by its way with the help of using an air-tight lid that makes the cooking faster. The pressure that creates the cooker forces all the liquids to get cooking and locks in all useful flavours.  Also, the best part is that this cookware is extremely easy to use and cooks any kind of foods under the sun. The time you will spend in preparing lots of cooking option, you will end up cooking the entire meal for the day actually. In fact, this particular cookware is known to cook food 70 percent faster than conventional kind of oven.

Different Pressure Cooker Manufacturers In India have said that the home cooks consider this cookware as one of the greatest addition to their kitchen.  The most important aspect is that meals can be prepared in a pressure cooker without losing its flavour. But make sure you properly know that what kind of ingredients and at what proportion you must include while cooking in pressure cooker.


Do’s and Don’ts of Using an Induction Based Pressure Cooker


Food is one of the essential requirement to live in and obviously people don’t have time to provide for cooking food due to their busy schedule. No doubt, pressure cooker, in that case, has proved to be a saviour in comparison to electric burners.

Cooking in pressure is something which is been experimented in many ways. And, why not? Cooking in pressure cooker is considered to be one of the healthiest ways as most of the nutrients stays in the food. But still, if you are thinking whether it is possible to experiment with a pressure cooker?

Absolutely yes as many manufacturers of a pressure cooker in India does so and also it has proved to be safe.

Induction based pressure cookers are something which is now new in the market. Even the buyers are also opting for such pressure cookers as they are safe to use. Just you need to keep in mind some significant factors while cooking in such kind of a pressure cooker.

What you should Keep in Mind

If you are a new user, then it must that you properly stick to the guidelines before you proceed to cook.

Before buying make sure that the cooker is working properly.

Always ensure that your induction built pressure cooker is clean and tidy

As the induction plate heats up very fast, make sure that before you start your cooking all your ingredients must be ready.

What you should not do?

Always use an induction burner with induction built pressure cooker otherwise, normal pressure cooker never can’t able to stand the high temperature.

Always be very active while cooking in induction built pressure cooker. Never preheat the cooker beforehand, otherwise, there is a huge possibility that the oil might get burn.

Sunkwik is one of the leading brands as a supplier of induction pressure cookers and is considered to be one of the most functional cookware that makes cooking really easy and fast. The base of these cookers is made in a way which can be easily used on any induction based cook top.

Cooking Beans Using a Pressure Cooker Has Never Been Easier

The extensive use of pressure cookers have justified the fact that they are one of the most versatile piece of cookware that you can have at your kitchen. You can practically cook anything from a steaming bowl of stews all the way to mouth-watering curries for lunch and dinner. 5_ltr_easieplusWith the large scale variation in the quality and materials being used, getting hold of a pressure cooker with induction base can prove to be handy. The induction base not just adds to the quality of the cooker but also helps you get your food cooked faster.

To begin with a simple example, we can always speak about how to get a sufficient amount of beans pressure cooked in a cooker within a matter of minutes. For a considerable amount of beans a 7 to 8 quart cooker might be the best option. One of the prime tricks pertaining to the rapid cooking of food within a pressure cooker is filling up the pressure cooker to just the right amount and not over-doing it. Select a pressure cooker as per the quantity of beans that you want to get cooked within it.

The cooking time required

It would be wrong to mention an accurate time span for beans to get cooked because the time taken by a cooker to cook a certain quantity of beans depends on the type of pressure cooker that you are cooking and the quality of the beans that are being cooked. For a general assumption, 45 minutes must be a sufficient amount of time to complete the entire process of pressure cooking and cooling down of the peas to natural temperature.

Pre-soaking beans will help you cook beans at a faster rate than usual. You can addon a bit of aromatics if you want to the water. Sun-Kwik is a brand that has created a recognisable name for itself in the market. The advent of online portals have brought about the opportunity for common masses to buy pressure cooker online at any point of time. It’s time to get that little bit of change done and give your kitchen the required makeover.

What Not To Do When Using Induction-Base Pressure Cooker

We all live in an era where man is a hound in searchof advanced technology. The odd working hours of the overworked individuals is the mother of various appliances which can offer them comfort and speed for fulfilling various chores. Cooking is not only a necessity but also the love for many people. The culinary art is the provider of delicacies which somehow make us forget the complications for a while.  Talking of cooking, the vessels, which we find hard to live without, are the Pressure Cookers. The availability of many pressure cooker accessories in India made things easier for the users.

Sunkwik Pressure Cooker
Sunkwik Pressure Cooker

With the advent of induction stoves, this ease in cooking reached new heights. The induction base pressure cookers were brought to life. The mechanism is simple, yet there are a few things that should not be practised while handling the new technology pressure cookers. These are –

  • Do not arrange for the spices or cut the aromatics like garlic, onions or corianders while the stove is on. Before putting oil on heat, organise the ingredients and turn the stove on just before pouring oil in a cooker. Preheating a cooker, which is induction based, is not an option.

  • Do not put the cookware on high heat as that would not be helpful in cooking fast. The process leave many ingredients charred. The pressure is reached in an induction base pressure cooker in a relatively low amount of time. A sufficient time is required for the food to be cooked properly and this is only possible if the cooker id kept on medium flame.

  • Do not keep yourself away from the heat when you have adjusted the flame once. In case of full cooker or a wide cooker, this is extremely important. This is because the equal distribution of substantial heat is required for them. Once the flame is lowered, the pressure is lowered and if the heat is not adjusted at right frequency, the food will be left undone.

  • Do not avoid the use of timer function of the stove while cooking in induction base Pressure Cookers. The timers are best features of the induction burners, which help to turn off the flame automatically and thus, save the need of constant vigilance.


Induction Oven – Pro and Cons

It had taken a lot of time to transform from natural heater to stove and gas. But the journey from gas to oven was not that long. With the help of technology, cooking is becoming easier. Microwave oven, otg, induction are becoming essential parts of our daily life. Induction oven are now quite favourite for everyday cooking. You just need to have right utensils, pots and induction based pressure cooker to cook on it. Though not all utensils are suitable to use on it, induction based pressure cooker and other induction based pots are available to cook on it.


You must be wondering why this hype around induction cooker or oven is. It has a series of advantages. Take a look.


  • From professional to regular cook, everyone prefers induction cooker because of its power of instant adjustment.
  • Induction cooker means no wasted heat. When the cookware is placed on the top of it, the heat gets transformed directly in it. So, as a result, no heat gets wasted.
  • The cooking takes a little time, but the stovetop remains cool. That reduces the chances of accident.
  • When you are cooking in kitchen, the first problem you face is a heated kitchen. However, induction cooker ensures that the environment remains cool.
  • These cookers are easy to install everywhere.

But there are a few disadvantages as well,

  • If the power is inadequate or interrupted, this oven cannot work.
  • You need to use right utensils to cook on it. If you don’t have induction based pressure cooker or other pans, then it is not possible to use it.

There are many stores where you can find your suitable induction based utensils. Choose according to your need and the size of your family. Use the induction based pressure cooker to make food quickly. It is always a better idea to use some branded cookware so that they will cause low power consumption and will give you better and tasty results.