Make Some Delicious Black Forest Cheesecake in Pressure Cooker

As we know that pressure cooker is one of the cookware that not only can make your effort less but also can help you to make delicious sweet dishes. Thus, it is very important that if you don’t have the utensil back in your home then you must do pressure cooker online shopping.

A versatile functional pressure cooker Black Forest Cheesecake can be an ideal thing to have in this hot summer days. What if its bottom is topped up with a creamy smooth cheese base and the cake is served with hot chocolate and sweet strawberry tart? Will it be yummy to taste right? Thus, along with making other food, you can also prepare some delicious items on a Sunday evening.

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You can serve this cake to anyone or also can arrange a small party in your house. Here is the recipe for your cheesecake that can be prepared in a pressure cooker. Make sure that after you make the cake wash it off according to the manual given from

Ingredients required:-
1. Brownie Bottom:-

  •  Around 4 tablespoons of either melted or unsalted butter
  • Half cup of sugar
  • Half teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • One big egg
  • One-fourth cup of flour
  • Half bowl of unsweetened cocoa
  • Salt to taste

2. For cheesecake layer:-

  • One cup of cream cheese
  • Half cup of sugar
  • One tablespoon of vanilla extract
  • Two normal eggs
    How to prepare
  • Take a seven-inch spring fan and coat it with butter. Put a butter paper if you want.
  • Take a small bowl and mix it with flour, cocoa, baking powder as well as salt.
  • On a separate bowl whisk butter, sugar as well as vanilla extract. Also, add two eggs and mix it with the entire batter. Also, add up all the other dry ingredients in the batter.
  • Add around one cup of water in the pressure cooker and place the pot of mixture. Lower the flame and close the lid.
  • Also, lock the lid from the sides and set for high pressure. When you hear the whistles, release the pressure within 5 minutes.
  • While your brownie is cooking, put the cheesecake batter on the top of the brownie. Again lock the lid of the cooker in the same way and wait for the whistle.
  • Remove the pan when the cake gets cooled. Keep the cake in the fridge overnight.
  • Serve it on the next day with hot chocolate liquid and strawberries on the top.

The Dos and Don’ts of handling a Pressure Cooker

In a day and age when we are running out of time to cook, the pressure cooker is an incredible gift. Not only does it save time, but also cooking gas. There are newer forms of pressure cooker like the non-stick pressure cooker which are also viable for induction oven usage. The coating on the surface makes the cleaning process easier. However it is prone to chipping away at the end of prolonged usage and its use must be discontinued once the process of wearing down begins.
But no matter what form of pressure cooker you are using there are certain norms you need to follow for optimum results.

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Here’s a list of dos and don’ts that will help you get in tune with you pressure cooker.

1. Get the right size of pressure cooker:
If you’re living alone or with your partner then go for something under 5 liters. A pressure cooker of 5-7 liters will suffice for a family of 4.Too large a cooker will eat up storage space while a size too small won’t be enough for cooking.

2. Always use enough liquid:
The basic mechanism of the pressure cooker is to work by gathering steam. So in no situation should you use it with less than 1 cup of liquid. You needn’t worry that there will be an excess of liquid at the end of the cook. You can always boil it down later to a desired consistency.

3. Adjust the heat:
While you begin on a high flame, you must keep an eye out for the pressure building. Once there is enough steam inside the pressure cooker, lower the flame to continue. You can always crank up the heat if the pressure is seen to be declining.

1. Get the best:
When it comes to pressure cooker manufacturers in India don’t shy away from opting for the best one. Safety must be of top priority. Only the best brands can provide you with that along with true value for money

2. Avoid environmental and health related damage:
As has been mentioned earlier, the Teflon coating is useful for multiple reasons. But avoid ones that cause environmental damage and can proved to be a health hazard.