Mistakes Beginners Make While Using Pressure Cookers

pressure cooker in india

Most of the beginners who use pressure cookers must face many problems while using it but it is advisable that they should know and amend their mistakes before their best pressure cooker get destroyed. Obviously, if you don’t want such then definitely you have to end up wasting your entire dish and cannot serve it to your family or friends.

Manufacturers of a Pressure cooker in India always provides a manual with the cookware it is essential that you must follow the rules if you are a beginner. So, it is definitely required that you must have to enhance using pressure cooker techniques and should not repeat some basic mistakes.

You are new using the Technique

Always remember that while you are cooking in a pressure cooker you cannot check the dish at regular intervals. Generally, this is a mistake which the amateur does and your cooking remains stay incomplete. If you plan to cook anything in the pressure cooker it is must that it should be cooked exactly for the specified time.

You are not filling the Cooker with Correct Elements

Whatever dish you are preparing always remember that you must fill the cooker only 2/3rd. Sometimes it is advisable that you should not put raw materials in the cooker because as sometimes they aren't able to take that huge inner level pressure. Most of the cookers come with proper markings thus, it is essential that you pour the elements in the cooker maintaining the levels.

You are not Properly Locking the Cooker

It is one of the most important things which you must keep in mind is about locking the pressure cooker. If you fail to do that definitely not only it will cause severe damage to your cooker but also this is one of the most common mistakes that beginners do. The models which have high functionality if this mistake is done repeatedly then the elastic protection which is available and the pressure seals will soon start getting destroyed.

You are Overcooking your Meal

We all know that this cookware is considered to be beneficial because this particular utensil is very suitable for preparing meals as said that this helps to keep the nutrients within the food because of its mechanism. So, it is advised that you should not overcook the meal and set the temperature correctly.


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