Induction Oven – Pro and Cons

It had taken a lot of time to transform from natural heater to stove and gas. But the journey from gas to oven was not that long. With the help of technology, cooking is becoming easier. Microwave oven, otg, induction are becoming essential parts of our daily life. Induction oven are now quite favourite for everyday cooking. You just need to have right utensils, pots and induction based pressure cooker to cook on it. Though not all utensils are suitable to use on it, induction based pressure cooker and other induction based pots are available to cook on it.


You must be wondering why this hype around induction cooker or oven is. It has a series of advantages. Take a look.


  • From professional to regular cook, everyone prefers induction cooker because of its power of instant adjustment.
  • Induction cooker means no wasted heat. When the cookware is placed on the top of it, the heat gets transformed directly in it. So, as a result, no heat gets wasted.
  • The cooking takes a little time, but the stovetop remains cool. That reduces the chances of accident.
  • When you are cooking in kitchen, the first problem you face is a heated kitchen. However, induction cooker ensures that the environment remains cool.
  • These cookers are easy to install everywhere.

But there are a few disadvantages as well,

  • If the power is inadequate or interrupted, this oven cannot work.
  • You need to use right utensils to cook on it. If you don’t have induction based pressure cooker or other pans, then it is not possible to use it.

There are many stores where you can find your suitable induction based utensils. Choose according to your need and the size of your family. Use the induction based pressure cooker to make food quickly. It is always a better idea to use some branded cookware so that they will cause low power consumption and will give you better and tasty results.


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