How to find the Ideal Pressure Cooker

Setting up a new home? Thinking about buying new kitchen utensils? Have no idea of a right pressure cooker? Not a problem. To buy an ideal pressure cooker, you need to have a thorough knowledge of pressure cooker mechanism. If you have that idea of what your ideal pressure cooker should be like you are absolutely at the right place.

When you are thinking to buy the best pressure cooker in India let’s get a bit educated before that.

Make your cooking easier and faster
Make your cooking easier and faster

The Material:

Aluminum and steel these both materials are available in the market. You can choose from both. An aluminum pressure cooker is easily available and affordable as well. However, they are made of soft metal that makes the cooker warped or easily blemished. This is the reason that they don’t last long.

On the other hand, stainless steel pressure cookers are stronger than their aluminum counterpart. They are strong, durable, heavy and a little more expensive than the aluminum ones. But the extra cost is worth it when it lasts for a while.

There are a few features that you need to look for.

There are three basic capacities,

• Four quarts
• Six quarts
• Eight quarts

The size is the indication of how much liquid you need. Six quarts is the most popular choice for all families.


When filled with liquid, a pressure cooker becomes heavy and hot. Look for sturdy, ergonomic handles. Make sure that your hands don’t get burned during the process of lifting the cooker.

Releasing and Interlock Mechanism

It is possible to release the pressure manually. But it is always nice and safe to have a cooker that has automatic pressure releasing mechanism. Go for the best cookers that offer this advantage.

Interlock is a must to keep you and your kitchen safe from unwanted accidents. There are some cookers that have a system to check if the pressure has been released or not.

Finding the right cooker for you isn’t that difficult. Use this knowledge while buying a cooker and you are good to go.


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